...the fluidity of textile and design with a touch of playfulness.


Hello Lovely and welcome, I’m so happy you’re here!!

My love for clothing began at a very early age...

I remember this as though it were yesterday. 

I was 5 years old when I asked my mum if she could buy me my first bikini; as I was tired of my boring one-piece swimsuit.  I wanted a bikini with frills and in a loud and colourful print. I wanted my swimsuit to excite me, and express what I felt inside of me: love and joy (I’ve always been ahead of myself lol).  After receiving a firm “no, you’re too young for a bikini!” from my mother... I took matters in my own hands….hehehe

I began to cut my one-piece bathing suit into a bikini.  I remember feeling so free and happy and feeling a strong sense of joy…  Not to realise this act was later to become my passion, my purpose, my love and career!

To create clothing that expresses your inner-self.  That brings joy and sets you free to be YOU!. 

Rose Panza, the brand is all about the joy of being YOU!  The freedom, the colourfulness of being unique and the playfulness that sits inside us all, whether we are aware of it or not! 

I am not just a fashion brand, my mission is to create a strong and profound message through the power of the Rose Panza label.  The message is simple:  

"Allow your truth to surface and live every day according to YOUR TRUTH. Unite the harmony, fun, freedom and love you have been searching for!"

What better way to express this than, through a Rose Panza item of clothing 

All garments are designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.



The fabrics I use

All fabric used and sourced are from natural and/or re-generated fibres and blends of, however at times, the use of blended synthetic fibres are required to capture the true meaning of the design.  Also, to enable durability and life of the garment.  


My Inspiration

Many peopIe ask me the question: "Where do you get your inspiration from?" I am inspired by the behaviour of fabric when in motion.  The drape and cut of textiles.   

When I begin to create a garment, I ask myself these questions, how do I want it to walk?  What do I want it to say during motion?  I create clothing that speaks.  

To me, there is nothing more alluring than a woman walking down the street allowing her truth to surface, simultaneously, the fabric demonstrating it's full potential through the walk of her dress... This is true enchantment..This is pure femininity. 


Reason4Change is my not for profit organisation.  It's an event for women to converse and interact with other like-minded women exchanging experiences to empower one another as well as the exchanging of clothing.   All clothing must be clean, in good condition and have a story that will help the future wearer.